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Westminster's Session (governing body) is comprised of nine currently serving ruling elders and the Pastor (teaching elder). Together, they have overall leadership responsibility for the mission and ministry of the congregation. The responsibilities, authorities and composition of Session are defined by the church by-laws and the Presbyterian Church (USA) Book of Order.

Ruling elders are elected by the congregation for a three year term of service; they are ordained/installed to the position of ruling elder. The Session is made up of three equal-sized classes, with three beginning new service each year. Ruling elders are elected from among the church membership; one must be an active member of the church to be considered for the position of ruling elder. In addition to serving on Session, each ruling elder serves as a liaison to one of the nince standing committees of the church.

The Pastor serves as the Moderator of the Session. Session is also served by the Clerk of Session, who prepares and maintains the minutes of the Session meetings, handles all correspondence to and from Session, and is responsible for maintaining the records of membership in the church.

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Current members of Session and the committees to which they serve as liaison are listed below:

Elder Committee Elder Committee
Ken Hunting Facilities Bonnie Underwood Mission & Evangelism
Chuck Ackerman One Village Transformed Ron Larson Adult Ministries
Don Campbell Stewardship Ann Meyers Human Resources
Dee Fairbanks Worship Deb Forman Family Ministries
Kathy Garde Fellowship & Membership    
Stephanie Hankey Moderator Brian Backman Clerk of Session

According to the Book of Order (The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.):

        The session shall have responsibility for governing the congregationand guiding its witness to the sovereign activity of God in the world, so that the congregation is and becomes a community of faith, hope, love, and witness. As it leads and guides the witness of the congregation, the session shall keep before it the marks of the Church (F-1.0302), the notes by which Presbyterian and Reformed congregations have identified themselves throughout history (F-1.0303) and the six Great Ends of the Church (F-1.0304).

In light of this charge, the session has responsibility and power to:

a. provide that the Word of God may be truly preached and heard. This responsibility shall include providing a place where the congregation may regularly gather for worship, education, and spiritual nurture; providing for regular preaching of the Word by a teaching elder or other person prepared and approved for the work; planning and leading regular efforts to reach into the community and the world with the message of salvation and the invitation to enter into committed discipleship; planning and leading ministries of social healing and reconciliation in the community in accordance with the prophetic witness of Jesus Christ; and initiating and responding to ecumenical efforts that bear witness to the love and grace of God.

b. provide that the Sacraments may be rightly administered and received. This responsibility shall include authorizing the celebration of the Lord’s Supper at least quarterly and the administration of Baptism as appropriate, in accordance with the principles of the Directory for Worship; and exercising pastoral care among the congregation; in order that the Sacraments may be received as a means of grace, and the congregation may live in the unity represented in the Sacraments.

c. nurture the covenant community of disciples of Christ. This responsibility shall include receiving and dismissing members; reviewing the roll of active members at least annually and counseling with those who have neglected the responsibilities of membership; providing programs of nurture, education, and fellowship; training, examining, ordaining, and installing those elected by the congregation as ruling elders and deacons; encouraging the graces of generosity and faithful stewardship of personal and financial resources; managing the physical property of the congregation for the furtherance of its mission; directing the ministry of deacons, trustees, and all organizations of the congregation; employing the administrative staff of the congregation; leading the congregation in participating in the mission of the whole church; warning and bearing witness against error in doctrine and immorality in practice within the congregation and community; and serving in judicial matters in accordance with the Rules of Discipline.

WPC Session and Committee Structure - Policies and Procedures

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