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One Village Transformed

In 2012, WPC embarked on a partnership with World Concern to help alleviate poverty in Harako, a village in Chad, Africa.  After fleeing the Darfur conflict, and spending several years in refugee camps, the people of Harako returned home in hopes of restarting their lives. Unfortunately, they returned to nothing.  Homes and crops had been destroyed.  To reach water, women walked for 30 minutes.  Children were sick, and spent their days wandering the village, with no school.

In partnership with World Concern, WPC committed to walking alongside families in Harako, helping them build their lives and their community from the ground up.  Together, we focused on long-term solutions, so they can stand on their own.  Hope is flourishing in Harako, as we are seeing One Village Transformed.  Priorities included:

    • Food: Short- and long-term agricultural solutions
    • Water: Water wells, latrines and hygiene training
    • Education: Consistent teaching of primary education
    • Economic Development: Further development of savings and small business loans to grow local businesses
    • Agriculture: Ongoing education/training on short- and long-term agricultural solutions
    • Health Care: Prenatal care education and access to regional health care centers

Over two three-year commitments to Harako, WPC joyfully reports that Harako has reached their goals and can begin to share their success with neighboring villages.  Annual ambassadors from WPC were delighted at the changes they saw which included a growing school, teachers, improved health, sustainable crop programs, and budding businesses. 

Laos – our next partnership with World Concern in 2019

Situated just a few miles from the Thai border—a gateway to Thailand’s dangerous and notorious sex tourism industry—small villages in the Soukhuma District are a target for traffickers who lure young girls and boys with deceptive offers for work.  Many children and families migrate to Thailand, only to disappear and never be heard from again.

Although it rains at certain times of the year in this area, there is little or no access to safe drinking water.  Moms are forced to scoop contaminated water from murky streams.  Without toilets or an understanding of good hygiene, many children are sick.  Our goals are similar to those of Harako with the additional concern that Christianity is discouraged by the government:

    • Access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene training
    • Education for children
    • Training for farmers regarding crops and irrigations systems
    • The establishment of youth centers to protect children from trafficking and keep them safe


WPC Ambassadors, Cathy Berk and Dick Bagnall, returned from visiting Soukhuma in early 2020 and would be pleased to share further information about their experiences.