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One Village Transformed

In 2012 WPC embarked on a partnership with World Concern to help alleviate poverty in Harako, a village in Chad, Africa.  In addition to developing clean water sources, building with bricks rather than mud and grass, and learning year-round agricultural practices, the villagers’ prioritized establishing a school to educate their children as key to sustainable development.  
This video highlights the progress of education in Harako: 
Education Education in Harako: Celebrating Progress    

Over the 3-year commitment, we raised over $100,000 for the following endeavors through the direction of World Concern and their consultation with village leaders:

  • FOOD: Short- and long-term agricultural solutions
  • WATER: Water wells, latrines and hygiene training
  • ECONOMIC  DEVELOPMENT: Establishing a venue for savings and small business loans to grow local business

Tremendous progress was made during those first three years (Phase 1), both in Harako and at WPC.  In July 2015, we chose to continue our relationships with World Concern and those we now consider our family in Harako. 

Phase 2 is now underway with the goal of raising at least $150,000 over another three-year period with focus on the following areas of sustainable development:

  • EDUCATION: Consistent teaching of primary education
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Further development of savings and small business loans to grow local businesses
  • AGRICULTURE: Ongoing education/training on short- and long-term agricultural solutions
  • HEALTH CARE: Prenatal care education and access to regional health care centers

Please visit to learn more about this project.  Donations can be made by check to the church (memo: Harako) or via this specific World Concern website.

"North American Christians need to overcome the materialism of Western culture and see poverty in more relational terms.  It requires North American Christians to understand our own brokenness and embrace the message of the cross in deep and profound ways..."

     - Steve Corbett, co-author of When Helping Hurts