WE DO for Kids
Many years ago a member of Westminster read a heart wrenching story about foster children being removed from their homes-oftentimes carrying their belongings is a big, black Hefty trash bag. This member wondered what kind of message that sends to the kids themselves. Do they begin to think that they are trash as well? Not willing to take that chance, Westminster launched the WE DO for Kids program to support the children and families within the state foster care program by providing gently used luggage.

The ministry expanded and now, each month the congregation is encouraged to support the program by focusing on a particular need among foster children and their foster families. In addition to suitcases, we have collected diapers, bedding, baby coupons, warm coats, school supplies, socks, and more in an effort to support children whose lives have been disrupted.

Still needed are individuals who would like to go through the training to be volunteer supervisors when foster children and their biological parents have visitation that requires supervision. This training is available through the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) and visits are planned to take place at Westminster.