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Contacts: Joan Fossum, Don Campbell, Stephanie Hankey


Since the first Presbyterian worship service was held in Anacortes on December 29, 1889, we Presbyterians have been blessed by the dedication and generosity of past generations. Over the past 100+ years, through prosperous times and hard times, members and friends of our congregation have paid off loans, donated stained glass windows, purchase and installed a pipe organ, undertaken major remodels, and provided annual maintenance that we benefit from today. In 2000 the congregation raised the money to build our Discovery House addition – providing future generations with classrooms, offices, handicap accessibility, and a large unfinished basement for expansion. 

Our church’s Endowment Fund provides a financial foundation to insure the lasting work of Jesus Christ continues for future generations. This Endowment program give members and friends of our church the opportunity to leave legacy gifts of any size, while we are still living or passed on through our wills, trusts, or bequests. The endowment funds are invested and the interest from those funds will be disbursed to our church annually. Your gifts can be designated for a specific use or undesignated to be used by the Session where they are needed the most. It is interesting to note that the very first endowment gift was given to the Presbyterian Foundation in 1821 and is still providing funds to glorify God today!
If you are interested in learning more about legacy giving through an Endowment, please contact:

“Christian stewardship is the awareness that everything we have is a gift of God. We are absolute owners of nothing. Rather, we are stewards of all we receive.”